06.03.2018 (Jour entier) - 08.03.2018 (Jour entier)
Strasbourg, France
IAR - Membre ValBiom

The international BIOKET Conference aims to highlight bio-based process innovations from pilot to early commercial scale.

Biomass is a wonderful architecture to transform into chemical intermediates, biomaterials, food and feed ingredients and energy. There is a real challenge to adapt and optimize mechanical and physicochemical processes to the different type of biomass and notably to develop a cascade of technologies to fractionate, functionalize, concentrate and purify the different constituents in order to maximize the valorization of the heterogeneity of biomass for the different markets… Emerging and Key enabling technologies and intensified process will play a significant role in the cost effective biorefineries.

In the context of Industry 4.0, the circular economy and the need for an optimal valorization of renewable resources, BIOKET, the conference dedicated to bio-based solutions and processes, tackling technological, economic and environmental challenges of the Bioeconomy, will focus on innovation in processes for biomass conversion using emerging technologies, minimizing waste production and optimizing economics of the overall OPEX.

BIOKET’s scientific committee invites authors to contribute with original papers covering the here below mentioned topics for presentation at the congress. Papers accepted for oral presentation will be given 20 minutes presentation time.

BIOKET main’s topic:

  • Advanced and innovative biomass pretreatment – Physical and thermochemical pretreatment – Densification - Fractionation
  • Technologies for biomass conversion and functionalization  Extraction, separation and purification of biomass
  • Process modelisation and analytical methods and tools - in situ characterization techniques
  • Innovative tools: Enzymatic and metabolic engineering, synthetic biology and bionanotechnology
  • Design of bioprocesses, advanced fermentation

Contact information for submissions: