30.05.2018 (Jour entier) - 01.06.2018 (Jour entier)
Het Pand, Gand

Delegates from university, industry, governmental and non-governmental organizations and venture capital providers will present their views on industrial biotechnology, sustainable (green) chemistry and agricultural policy related to the use of renewable raw materials for non-food applications and energy supply.


·         Bioactive compounds from biomass

·         Biobased materials

·         Biomass fractionation·     

·         Biocatalysis for bioresource transformation

·         Bioenergy

·         Bioproducts from woody biomass

·         Biorefineries

·         Biosurfactants

·         Chemical platform molecules

·         Cyanobacterial and algal technology

·         Downstream processing

·         Environmental protection using microorganisms

·         Metabolic engineering of cell factories

·         Pretreatment and transformation of lignocellulosics

·         Single cell oil production

·         Sustainability

·         Thermochemical transformations of biomass

·         Valorization of biomass waste streams